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The RCM Champions: Velocity Made Good Healthcare Consultants (VMG)

Top 10 Revenue Cycle Management Solutions Companies - 2022

Maintaining a good revenue cycle in today's healthcare market is a tough challenge. With so much at stake, healthcare organizations are constantly on the lookout for revenue cycle management strategies that will increase revenue and reduce costs while still putting the patient first.

Among many trends, adoption of RCM automation driven by a value-based care model has been increasing as providers reap the benefits of digital, streamlined processes while ensuring the providers are paid based on the quality of care rather than the number of services rendered.

This approach to RCM automation is becoming a must-have for healthcare organizations facing increasingly complex payer rules and regulations, new modes of care delivery (e.g., telehealth), and a potential uptick in denials after the pandemic.

Driven by such trends, the global revenue cycle management market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.4 percent to reach $246.40 billion by 2029.

To put the spotlight on other key developments in the industry, Healthcare Tech Outlook illustrates how companies are providing end-to-end revenue cycle management services by utilizing sophisticated software technology in order to deliver smooth and seamless revenue payments. The edition also features thought provoking articles from Garland Goins, Senior Director of Revenue Cycle Management at Avance Care, who dives into the importance of instilling revenue integrity in a hybrid revenue cycle management.

In this edition of Healthcare Tech Outlook, we also bring to you the story of some of the top revenue management solution providers that leverage disruptive automation technologies to deliver revenue cycle excellence. The list comprises FrontRunnerHC, a leading SaaS solutions provider that helps labs and healthcare organizations ensure accurate, efficient, and cost-effective reimbursement for all the services; Healthcare Professional Consulting Services Inc, that provides premier consulting services for skilled nursing, assisted living, home health, hospice care, and outpatient care providers; Velocity Made Good Healthcare, for providing clients with end-to-end revenue cycle consulting and expertise designed to supplement their internal business operations; and Vital Solutions with their 20 years of experience in offering high-level, hospital revenue cycle management solutions.

Through the following pages, we aim to shine a light on the innovative trends and latest developments in revenue cycle management in the healthcare industry. We would like to know your thoughts.  

    Top Revenue Cycle Management Solutions Companies

  • With knowledge and expertise in the long-term care industry, HCPCS offers consulting services to long-term healthcare providers.

  • FrontRunnerHC’s data automation platform helps healthcare organizations improve their bottom line while also enhancing their patients’ experience by putting accurate patient demographic, insurance, and financial information at clients’ fingertips -- as early as possible and as often as needed. FrontRunnerHC finds, verifies, and fixes patient information in real-time and at any point during the care journey: from patient registration to final payment, leveraging its access to the most payers in the industry.

  • Velocity Made Good Healthcare Consultants (VMG) understands the unique nuances and requirements of healthcare organizations. VMG’s “hands-on” professionals expand leadership teams to help direct strategic initiatives, manage system design and build, and implementation efforts. They assess situations, chart a strategy and lead the achievement of results.

  • Vital Solutions, A Fusion Group Company is a reputed medical bill debt collection company.The company’s more than two decades of experience in the domain gives them an added edge in terms of understanding payer billing rules, audits, recoupments, appeals, denials, and much more.

  • AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions

    AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions

    One of the top national medical billing companies, AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions proudly serves physician groups, hospitals, and behavioral health agencies. AdvantEdge customers enjoy increased net collections, reductions in Accounts Receivable, and client first service. And they have complete access to financial and other information anytime, anywhere with AdvantEdge Analytics.

  • Arch Management Strategies

    Arch Management Strategies

    Arch Management Strategies is a trusted practice management partner for medical clinics. The company provides an end-to-end management solution that helps independent medical practices to bridge the gap between patient care and practice management. Arch’s services enables its clients to combine revenue cycle management and operations management, which were traditionally disparate.

  • Conifer Health Solutions

    Conifer Health Solutions

    Conifer Health Solutions is a healthcare experience company focused on driving improved outcomes for patients and healthcare providers. It is a business partner passionate about quality healthcare. Working with Conifer, providers can spend more time on patient care and less time on everyday revenue management responsibilities.

  • Quintessence Business Solutions & Services

    Quintessence Business Solutions & Services

    Quintessence Business Solutions & Services is a revenue cycle management services and technology company offering performance-guaranteed and effective solutions to medical billing and medical coding companies and healthcare providers. They have customized tools and BOTS Built using AI, ML and RPA for faster eligibility verification, payment reconciliation, and denial capture, while also implementing RPA to automate repetitive data entry activities and improve coding accuracy with their computer assisted coding engine (CAC).

  • R1 RCM

    R1 RCM

    R1 RCM, Inc. puts forth a state-of-the-art ecosystem that combines computer vision/optical character recognition (OCR), natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, and RPA on an integrated workflow platform, which allows digital and human workforces to work alongside each other seamlessly. Notably, AI is not meant to replace all the revenue cycle work handled by humans, and that’s what makes R1’s unique operating model pivotal.

  • Waystar


    Waystar provides market-leading technology that simplifies and unifies healthcare payments. Its cloud-based platform streamlines workflows and improves financials for healthcare providers of all kinds, and brings more transparency to the patient financial experience.