DENmaar: Medical Billing and Credentialing Made Easy

DENmaar: Medical Billing and Credentialing Made Easy

Chris Husted, President, DENmaarChris Husted, President, DENmaar
DENmaar is a renowned RCM solution provider dedicated to mental health and substance abuse professionals and facilities. The prime objective of the company is to deliver outstanding services and innovative billing applications to ensure providers are paid timely and make their business life easier while increasing patient satisfaction. Along with medical billing services, DENmaar also offers insurance credentialing enrolment that helps facilities, group practitioners, and providers, affiliated with insurance companies to accept third-party reimbursement from a patient’s insurance plan. Drawing on the strengths of its reliable pool of credentialing experts, DENmaar provides valuable recommendations regarding the best insurers for a specific specialty and get healthcare providers in the insurance firms’ network as quickly as possible.

The inception of DENmaar traces back to a time when not many EHR systems employed by healthcare service providers supported interoperability and there was huge inconsistency in the use of automated tools and systems for claims processing. Majority of the healthcare providers were still using a manual process for billing. In such a scenario, DENmaar emerged as an ace RCM provider with its cutting-edge software and credentialing services that support interoperability and standardize the entire billing process.

DENmaar’s cloud-based RCM platform is integrated with a P2P patient billing module that offers the most comprehensive methods to send statements and invoices. “The patient payment module is two-way; it enables patients to seamlessly make payments without creating any account and also allows healthcare providers to automate payment tracking to ensure that they are being paid for the medical services dispensed,” states Chris Husted, president of DENmaar.

In the current healthcare RCM landscape, the increasing administration cost is presenting a great challenge to practices.

We have proprietary electronic-datasheets that enable providers to create bills quickly, which is then submitted to the clearing houses to clear the trade within 24 hours

“Our objective is to reduce the administrative cost associated with installing RCM by cutting down the expenses of the clients and increasing their profitability and cash flow. “We have proprietary electronic-datasheets that enable providers to create bills quickly, which is then submitted to the clearing houses to clear the trade within 24 hours,” mentions Husted.

DENmaar’s team also handles the claims resolution and denials as a part of its offering to improve provider as well as patient satisfaction. Besides, DENmaar has developed mobile applications for providers, allowing them to use the scheduling system on the go and acknowledge their sessions with patients. “Our team carries out electronic remittance advice (ERA) or 835 files setups for healthcare providers to provide all the information related to claims in RCM,” states Husted.

The capabilities of DENmaar’s RCM platform are better exemplified using a case study. One of DENmaar’s clients, comprising a group of psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, and therapists relied on in-house legacy enterprise-based software and EHR for medical billing. Their predicaments further increased when the person managing the in-house billing left the company. The client then approached DENmaar and asked their suggestion on handling the medical billing process. DENmaar, being a service-oriented company, handled the client’s credentialing and helped them onboard new insurance providers. “The credentialing software built-into our RCM platform enabled our client in seeing the status of new insurance providers that recently partnered with them,” explains Husted.

DENmaar is now bringing its Tele Mental health app as freeware without the billing services and also incorporating additional APIs into the app allowing workers’ to claim compensation. Along with such developments, DENmaar is also looking into advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, internet of things (IoT), and natural language processing (NLP) to add new features in its platform. DENmaar is also striving to improve its patient engagement module and make it a communicative tool enabling providers and patients to interact better and keep both of them satisfied and happy.



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Chris Husted, President

DENmaar provides medical billing and credentialing services to mental health and substance abuse firms....