MedXPrime Revenue Recovery: Delivering the 'WOW Factor' in Accounts Receivables

MedXPrime Revenue Recovery: Delivering the 'WOW Factor' in Accounts Receivables

Sunil Wadhwa, CEO, MedXPrime Revenue RecoverySunil Wadhwa, CEO, MedXPrime Revenue Recovery
“Decreasing revenue is snowballing into a massive headache for doctors, hospitals, labs and other medical-related businesses,” begins Sunil Wadhwa, the CEO of MedXPrime Revenue Recovery. And truly so. The stress experienced by medical professionals in maintaining a profitable business is unrelenting and getting worse, causing many to wonder just how much longer they can continue. This situation, in Wadhwa’s opinion, is on a “crisis level” for the professionals in the medical community. Why? He answers, “It is truly staggering how many practices are experiencing a substantial loss in revenue.” Founded on the simple mission to ‘believe the medical community should have every penny they’ve earned,’ MedXPrime Revenue Recovery, also known as mr2, strives to resolve the issue of decreasing revenue. The company goes to the greatest lengths and expends its greatest efforts to ensure its clients’ satisfaction in entirety. “These are not mere words; we have developed this as a culture within mr2 since inception,” mentions Wadhwa.

Most decision makers are simply not informed by their current billers about the status of their collections. This creates an urgency for each day’s claims to be filed on time, before deadlines. Through its client-oriented strategy, mr2 is putting a stop to that with a distinctively different service that focuses on one-percenters, that many billing companies rarely operationalize. The company’s highly prioritized and proactive communication via regular, updated reporting enables its clients to continually stay current on the status of their A/R and collections.

An axiom for mr2 is to proactively resolve all of those types of issues and always promptly respond to clients within one hour of any call

mr2 prides itself on listening closely to their clients. The feedback that the company receives helps them to serve the clients in a way they’ve not experienced before. Wadhwa says, “An axiom for mr2 is to proactively resolve all of those types of issues and always respond promptly to clients within one hour of any call. When clients embrace this philosophy and give us the information needed to do the job, mr2 does not relent in maximizing their profitability.” A 100 percent US-based company, mr2’s special differentiator is an initial, no-cost, detailed sample analysis of aged accounts receivable. This report often causes doctors to say “WOW” as they review it with them on a follow-up online presentation. Because of this, Wadhwa refers to it as their “Wow Report.” The analysis is delivered online within 48-72 hours after mr2 gets the green light to prepare the report. He states, “We’ll show them things that their current billing staff or billing company haven’t shared with them. They will learn if their people are doing a good job or, more importantly, they will know if they’re not.”

Another distinct differentiator for mr2 is its stellar capabilities pertaining to billing, in a secure and compliant way. The company provides billing services for all physician specialties, as well as hospitals, laboratories, dialysis units, outpatient rehabilitation facilities, and home health care facilities. They work with large and small groups as well as individual practices. Wadhwa informs, “One of your most valuable but frustrating assets is your insurance accounts receivable. We help recover thousands of dollars in lost A/R. In 48-72 hours, we invest extensive time and labor to prepare a no-cost, detailed sample analysis explaining why you have thousands of dollars in outstanding insurance A/R. These efforts will validate our knowledge and experience to earn your business. At mr2, we’re waiting to go to work for you.”

MedXPrime Revenue Recovery

MedXPrime Revenue Recovery

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Sunil Wadhwa, CEO

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