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Top 10 Revenue Cycle Management Consulting/Services Companies - 2019

Revenue cycle management (RCM) is increasingly becoming one of the major concerns in the healthcare industry. Amid the current tumultuous market dynamics, the existing pattern of RCM services is also seeking transformation. While the organizations that provide healthcare support are focusing more on enhancing patient experience and improving financial performance, their lack of technical expertise hurls challenges in the way of managing revenue cycle effectively. As a result, several new RCM service providers are emerging in the market to fill this void.

From the time a patient makes an appointment and till the successful payment collection, RCM service providers constantly strive to make this cycle work more smoothly so that it ensures a better patient-provider relationship. To help this process align with the ever-changing landscape of technologies and regulations, the top RCM services companies always keep themselves updated. Besides replacing the fee-for-service model with value-based care model to enhance the overall patient experience, the service providers are also hinting toward the adoption of a POS retail model in the healthcare industry. The RCM service providers have also started accentuating the importance of the total well-being of the patients, which includes medical, social, emotional, and financial aspects.

Digital and technological innovation working as a boon in this scenario has made it easier for the healthcare industry to ensure total well-being with wearable devices that provide continuous monitoring. RCM services are getting intelligent with robotic process automation and AI solutions. RCM service providers have started stressing more on the adoption of connected technology because it ultimately enhances the user experience, reduces cost, and improves cost transparency. Adoption of telemedicine, a fruit of increased investment in the healthcare industry by the technology companies and a key component of the value-based model, is showing ways to reduce cost and expand access to the providers. The RCM platforms have also started strengthening cloud-based models, resulting in increased flexibility between the in-patient and out-patient care.

In addition to the aforementioned RCM services, another complex area which has started getting commendable focus by the service providers is medical billing. The healthcare industry has either started outsourcing RCM service providers or depending on RCM software to address issues like inaccurate or incomplete billing, medical claim reimbursements, denials, and more. Data analytics has started playing a major role in the deployment of services that address billing issues.

On collaborating with the RCM service providers, the healthcare organizations no more need to worry about revenue management and can concentrate more on their job. RCM services also detect potential errors and can review revenue shortfalls. With the RCM service providers ensuring tight cybersecurity, the healthcare organizations also need not worry anymore about the protection and security of the patient’s personal information.

To help your organization choose the perfect RCM service provider that would cater to your distinct needs, the editorial team at Healthcare Tech Outlook, in conjunction with an illustrious panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and industry analysts, has put together a list of the ten most promising revenue management consulting or services companies in the industry. The list intends to help organizations find a trustworthy ally.

We present to you Healthcare Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Revenue Management Consulting/Services Companies 2019”.

    Top Revenue Cycle Management Consulting Companies

  • HealthTeq Services is a healthcare outsourcing organization that assists companies with revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions to reduce denial rates and increase returns. With the recent changes in the medical guidelines from ICD-9 to ICD-10, managing medical billing has become complicated, thereby resulting in higher denial rates. To streamline the billing for healthcare providers, HealthTeq Services developed a proprietary software that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology, empowering hospitals to conduct patient insurance eligibility check, claims scrubbing and submission, payment posting, and denial management. The firm executes these operations by deploying an AI-powered bot that gathers information from claims and rectifies them

  • MedXPrime is Focused on revenue cycle management and collection of old Accounts Receivable (A/R) through analysis and formulation of effective plans of action for A/R clean-up. MedXPrime Revenue Recovery’s special differentiator is an initial, no-cost, detailed sample analysis of aged accounts receivable. This report often causes doctors to say “WOW” as they review it with them on a follow-up online presentation. Because of this, the company has coined this is as their ‘Wow Report’. This analysis is delivered online within 48-72 hours after mr2 gets the green light to prepare the report

  • Passage Health International (PHI) is an international medical receivables management company that also acts as a partner for supervising international insurance claims. By activating PHI’s full-fledged medical accounts receivable services, hospitals can simplify the entire journey of processing claims for international patients—from verifying insurance benefits to the eventual collection of payments from insurance companies, or even self-payments from patients. Regardless of the situation, PHI—one of the Top 10 Revenue Cycle Management companies of 2019—ensures that its hospital partners are paid accurately, and quickly, for treating foreigners

  • Synergy Billing helps Federally Qualified Health Centres (FQHC) to maximize revenue and improve business processes and has been successful in processing the claims within the first 30 days. Synergy Billing specializes in revenue cycle management and consultation. The company caters to the payer’s requirements, receives claims data, and ensures that claims get paid the first time. Evidently, the results have yielded more revenue faster than ever. One of the top revenue cycle management companies, Synergy Billing is backed by high-performing team members, who are well acquainted with the nitty-gritty of the revenue cycle management. Synergy Billing’s 4-week training program assists participants in learning about the industry, the company, and the Synergy methods for expert claims processing

  • Blue Eagle Consulting

    Blue Eagle Consulting

    Blue Eagle Consulting (BEC) offers healthcare organizations with people vital to the anticipated performance of big software assets. Blue Eagle Consulting (BEC) facilitates employees with the necessary software abilities and abilities to manage critical patient data in contemporary complicated working conditions. Blue Eagle Consulting provides advisors to assist essential apps of the company to be implemented or maintained. They don't sell the software or other instruments; they give customers the individuals whose expertise and expertise create everything functions for the industry – for the data they want every day

  • Enhanced Revenue Solutions

    Enhanced Revenue Solutions

    Some of the most creative, reflective minds in medical billing have developed Enhanced Revenue Solutions. Their customer-centred strategy provides an unrivalled amount of dedicated knowledge to help medical suppliers move forward with higher economic stabilization nationwide. The dedication of Enhanced Revenue Solutions to their customers enables them to become one with their current team to handle their exercise effectively on a weekly basis. Enhanced Revenue Solutions are proud to create a streamlined interpersonal commitment atmosphere based on teamwork and trust

  • Medical Billing Choices

    Medical Billing Choices

    Medical accounting choices give complete governance of the revenue process. The task of Medical Billing Choices is to enhance the cash flow of the client through a precise and effective accounting method, enabling them to concentrate on improving patient care. Medical Billing Choices have been providing physicians with creative alternatives for nearly two decades to strengthen their cash flow and maximize collections without start-up expenses, equipment or software investments and no concealed charges. Their platinum customer service and committed accounting and acquisitions team are what sets them apart from the rivals

  • MTBC


    MTBC is an IT solution supplier for healthcare that provides clinics and doctor practices with an extensive portfolio of wholly-embedded clinical, income cycle and exercises leadership alternatives and other associated business services, including transcription and data processing. Technological options and associated business services from MTBC allow their customers to satisfy legislative difficulties effectively and thrive in a quickly changing setting in the healthcare industry. MTBC is continually innovating to maintain pace with a global healthcare setting that through technology allows transformative changes in healthcare

  • R1 RCM

    R1 RCM

    R1 RCM is a major supplier of technology-enabled RCM facilities that address the efficiency problems of the income process across clinics, health structures and common physician procedures. R1's established scalable working designs supplement the infrastructure of an organization seamlessly from enrollment and insurance checking to therapy documentation/coding, bill planning and collections from both nurses and payers, rapidly pushing sustainable changes to net customer income and cash flows while lowering operating costs and improving the patient experience. The firm offers start-to-end income cycle leadership facilities and modular revenue cycle-oriented facilities including pre-registration, economic clearance, charge capture, coding, accounting and follow-up, underpayment, and denial management

  • Signature Performance

    Signature Performance

    Signature Performance is a healthcare services supplier that is driven by technology, individuals, and innovative procedures. They are enthusiastic about enhancing the safety of the company for their customers. By offering extensive revenue-cycle leadership facilities, Signature does this. They assist reduced expenses and make gains better. They are now supplying most of the primary health care systems, hospitals, organizations of doctors, and clinics of speciality. Their teams exist by Courage, Passion, Integrity, and Respect principles every day. They receive a squad of experts with Signature on the part of the customer who produces healthy outcomes