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Top 10 Revenue Cycle Management Solution Companies - 2019

The growth of revenue cycle management (RCM) in the healthcare industry is attributed to the increase in government initiatives to boost the adoption of RCM solutions for minimizing revenue loss due to billing errors. As the healthcare industry evolves, so does the revenue cycle process, and as such, healthcare organizations of all sizes, as well as the medical billing companies they partner with, are necessitated to stay abreast of the latest developments and changes emerging in the RCM space to improve the bottom line.

In the wake of the industry-wide shift to a value-based payment system, hospitals and healthcare systems are increasingly prioritizing the patient financial experience through price transparency, strengthening the engagement between patients and providers and enhancing overall collections performance. Healthcare organizations are inclining toward more sophisticated systems and outsourced third-party revenue cycle management services to mitigate problems related to regulatory compliance, lost revenue, collections providers, or poor denials management. The modern-day RCM landscape is replete with innovative technologies automating everything from patient registration to medical billing and claims management. Making optimum use of such cutting-edge technologies, healthcare organizations today are reducing the number of denied or underpaid claims for practices and cutting back on operational expenses through increased efficiency while placing customer service at the forefront of RCM.

In addition, to ensure strong financial health of hospitals, which is largely dependent upon claims processing, a slew of revenue cycle technology platforms are now available that enable hospitals to track claims through their entire life cycle. To help choose the ideal RCM solution provider, the editorial team at healthcare, along with a distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and industry analysts, has curated a list of the most promising RCM solution providers in the industry.

We present to Healthcare Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Revenue Cycle Management Solution Providers- 2019”

    Top Revenue Cycle Management Companies

  • ABW Medical is a nationwide, tech-enabled, healthcare services company. ABW supports medical practices using athenahealth solutions by performing the day-to-day or co-sourcing tasks in athenaNet (such as authorizations, working hold buckets, enrollment tasks, unpostables). The enterprise’s mission is to collect more revenue for the medical group, generate more time for providers and staff, and deliver more peace of mind for providers, staff, owners, and patients. Overall, ABW supports over 3,500 providers in 43 states

  • athenahealth offers revenue cycle management services to the healthcare industry; the company partners with hospitals and ambulatory customers to drive clinical and financial results. The healthcare RCM solutions and services provider understands all the challenges in the RCM landscape, and the need for hospitals to deploy digital solutions to mitigate all of their financial woes quickly. The value proposition it offers is always in sync with its client’s unique business requirements. The delivery of such pristine and clear-cut services allows athenahealth to reduce healthcare costs and extend its solutions at much lower prices

  • Axea Solutions is one of the pioneers in the revenue cycle management realm. It provides solutions and services across various healthcare organizations and clinics. The company stays with its clients throughout the entire journey starting from patient registration, to providing medical services, all the way to claims, processes and payments. Axea Solutions has expertise around coding accuracy, clinical documentation improvement and also claims denial management. The company has a proactive and holistic approach and aims to solve the bigger issue of discontinuity in the flow of revenue, while also maintaining a strong patient financial workflow

  • Curae offers a simple and smart patient financing solution to the patients and providers. Working with Curae gives providers the ability to offer patients more flexible payment options. The company serves a broad spectrum of credit profiles, in an effort toserve more patients than other financing providers with the ability to fund credit-challenged customers. By leveraging analytics technology and domain expertise, the company help providers meet patient financial needs with ease. It not only provides non-recourse funding within 48 hours to the providers, it also ultimately increases their revenue as more bills get paid. The company offers a unique patient-friendly financing solution that can reduce days account receivable, bad debt and the cost to collect, all while keeping patients out of collections

  • DENmaar provides medical billing and credentialing services to mental health and substance abuse firms. The company also offers valuable recommendations regarding the best insurers for a specific specialty and get healthcare providers in the insurance firms’ network as quickly as possible. The most differentiating ability of DENmaar is to integrate its cloud-based RCM with P2P patient billing module that offers the most comprehensive methods to send statements and invoices. Moreover, the company handles the claims resolution and denials as a part of its offering to improve provider as well as patient satisfaction

  • EMP Claims believes in consistently delivering outstanding services and results to its partner organizations by providing quicker turnaround for the claims.EMP Claims helps organizations of all statures – from large, mid-size to small, and even struggling medical practices – to stay on top of the industry changes and compliance issues. As a trusted partner, EMP Claims helps organizations to register a significant reduction in operational costs, reduced debt collections, as well as dramatic dip in the stress levels of physicians and the staff. You are able to do more with limited staff, thus saving on staff salaries, employee churn, and other related administrative costs

  • Enter offers physicians compensated quicker than anyone else on the market by backing upfront and collecting allegations for medical insurance while charging patients after just 24 hours. Enter's team is made up of state-of-the-art health care and economic technologists with profound understanding and years of expertise. With an annual payment of over $2.5 T from insurance companies and customers to suppliers, it is the biggest market in the US that remains to be antiquated, dull and difficult to therapeutic exercise and patients

  • Mid Michigan Medical Billing Service (MMMBS) takes a unique posture compared to others in the industry as it truly is a full spectrum RCM company, including features of consulting, full credentialing in its pricing platform, coding in all specialties, and aggressive collections of insurance and patient balances. The company’s clients enjoy the entire package in one competitive rate, unlike others who may consider services, such as credentialing, to be an additional cost. MMMBS follows a three-step proven process which starts with a comprehensive consultation and discovery process, customization and tailored services specific to the unique practice needs, and analysis-driven solutions for reimbursement maximization

  • The leading provider of Strategic Sourcing Applications and Contract Management Software for healthcare, TractManager improves the health of the revenue cycle through an integrated technology platform, and professional services that optimize each credentialing component of the provider lifecycle

  • TruBridge


    Offers three-step program designed to assist organizations with taking control of their denied claims