Top Revenue Cycle Management Companies
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Top 10 Revenue Cycle Management Companies - 2018

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) plays a pivotal role in helping healthcare providers manage administrative and clinical tasks regarding claims processing, bill payments, and revenue generation. Changing regulations in the U.S. with regards to value-based care and mounting pressure on healthcare providers to reduce costs while improving patient care have all led to the implementation of RCM becoming a necessity.

While the primary focus of healthcare providers have to be on providing excellent care to their patients, not paying attention to finances can disrupt their business operations. Leveraging proper RCM solutions will help them to prevent and reduce unpaid claims, improve point-of-service collections, maintain healthy accounts receivable, and reduce inefficient coding and billing processes which directly results in improved profit margins. In the most basic sense, an effective RCM helps healthcare providers get paid faster and ensures a smooth flow of capital to prevent roadblocks caused by lack of revenue.

Considering these facts, a distinguished selection panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and the Healthcare Tech Outlook’s editorial board has selected a list of the top Revenue Cycle Management Solution Providers. These companies offer powerful solutions coupled with innovative strategies that are distinctively prominent in the field.

We present to you Healthcare Tech Outlook's "Top 10 Revenue Cycle Management Solution Providers - 2018."

Top Revenue Cycle Management Companies

Develops solutions that enable customers to accelerate payments and normalize cash flows with a simple, automated process

Helps healthcare systems optimize their clinical, financial, and operational performance through strategic consulting services, technology implementations, and revenue cycle services

Offers consulting resources for healthcare markets to help implement and maintain core business applications

Leading supplier of integrated healthcare RCM solutions and services designed to help optimize clinical and financial outcomes

Provides medical billing support and services to health systems, hospitals, and physician practices

A healthcare transformation company that optimizes RCM through state-of-the-art solutions based on AI, ML, cloud, analytics, and mobility

A healthcare professional services firm. Specializing in health information management, revenue cycle management, advisory, analytics and genomics services

Offers a comprehensive product portfolio of fully integrated WebEHR, revenue cycle and practice management solutions

Offers Providers a complete and RCM through cloud-based middleware enterprise solution

A pioneer of outsourced revenue management services for the healthcare market