Top Revenue Cycle Management Solution Companies
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Top 10 Revenue Cycle Management Solution Companies -2017

The transition from fee-for-service to value-based payment models, declining hospital admission rates, and escalating healthcare costs are contributing to the shrinking revenue figures in the healthcare sector today. While trying to navigate the rough sea, these organizations are again met with changing regulations and a need to adopt innovative digital technologies, which altogether create a ripple effect on the sector.

Today, to compete in this environment that demands clinical and operational efficiency, healthcare providers need to ensure that their financial operations—that directly impact revenue generation capabilities— are running efficiently. A well-managed revenue cycle management (RCM) system serves as the backbone to a healthcare providers’ financial health, as it can assess, optimize, and manage all components in obtaining patient clinical information, while creating a simplified, integrated workflow to ensure hassle free claims approval. Since, these processes run the show on the financial end of healthcare, RCM solution providers are driving innovation with their copious solutions.

For this edition of Healthcare Tech Outlook, our selection panel has evaluated hundreds of revenue cycle management solution providers and shortlisted the best ones based on their ability to assist CIOs and enterprise holders overcome the challenges in the sector.

We present to you Top 10 Revenue Cycle Management Solution Providers-2017.

    Top Revenue Cycle Management Solution Companies

  • Renders end-to-end healthcare services to effectively manage coding, billing, and AR follow up in rural, community hospitals

  • Blue Eagle Consulting offers consultancy services that enable healthcare organizations to maximize their software investments

  • ChARM Health provides a one-stop solution for independent practices that are looking for an affordable EHR, and practice management system coupled with complete outsourced RCM solution

  • MD1


    Delivers patient encounter, revenue cycle, practice operations, and transitional care management solutions for medical practices and healthcare organizations

  • A physician services organization that has been providing billing and practice management solutions for over 38 years

  • Parathon transforms the entire patient accounting system of legacy HIS into a solitary enterprise platform through a proprietary first-to-market parallel database that maximizes profit

  • Develops solutions that give real-time visibility into the root cause of charging irregularities

  • TRIARQ Health partners with physicians by providing the expertise, services, infrastructure, and technologies necessary for independent doctors to thrive in the value-based healthcare economy

  • TruBridge charts a clear path to financial viability by offering an end-to-end revenue cycle solution

  • Navicure


    Provides integrated cloud-based medical claims management and patient payment solutions to increase revenue, accelerate cash flow, and reduce the cost and effort of managing claims, patient billing, and analytics